A CartStack Webhook allows you to receive real-time notifications when an event happens within the CartStack system.  For example, someone makes a purchase on your site after engaging with one of the cart reminder emails.  You can setup CartStack to automatically notify a system on your end that this “Recovered Cart” event occurred.

Currently, we support webhook events for these events:

  • Email Capture (from checkout form)
  • Abandoned Cart
  • Recovered Order
  • Unsubscribe
CartStack Webhooks are not on by default.  You must contact support@cartstack.com to have them turned on.  

Once on, the CartStack Webhooks will appear on the settings page of your dashboard.

Recovered Revenue Webhook

The Recovered Revenue Webhook will trigger an HTML Post to the URL entered in the box noted in the figure above whenever a “recovered order” is recorded by the CartStack system.  Again, a recovered order is a customer who completes a purchase on your site that previously received a cart reminder email from CartStack and either clicked or opened that email.

Technical Details:

The URL entered in the box above will receive an HTML Post from CartStack.  Here are the fields that will be posted:

  • PurchaseDate (Just that, the date at which the purchase was made)
  • EmailAddress (The email address of the customer who completed the purchase*)
  • CartTotal (The total amount of the order)
  • referenceID (The CartStack reference id.  Please include this id when contacting CartStack support with questions)
NOTE: The email address passed by the webhook is the email address the customer used when they completed the purchase.  This may be different from the email address where they received the email.
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