Shopify Integration is a 2 step process:

1 Adding the CartStack tracking code to your Shopify theme.
2 Adding Webhooks to your Shopify site.

Adding Our Tracking Code

Adding our code onto your Shopify account. Our code can be found on the  Code Page of your CartStack account.

Log into your Shopify Account. Select Online Store > Themes. Select  Edit HTML/CSS from the drop down menu.

  Under Layouts > Theme.Liquid. Paste tacking code right above the </head> tag.

Adding Webhooks

Select Settings > Notifications from the admin pane. Scroll to find Webhooks.

We're going to Create Webhooks for 5 events. You will need your unique siteID from your CartStack account.

Locate your unique CartStack SiteId from the Code Page on your CartStack account.  You will want to copy the data- siteid value (see below screenshot). Your unique siteID will go at the end of the Webhook URLs below. Do not include the quotation marks!

Select the Webhook from the "Event" drop down and update each URL, adding your SiteID to the end of each URL.

Note: make sure to copy the webhook URL that is next to each event below. The URLs are slightly different based on event type, and any spaces should be removed.

Event Webhook URL
Order Creation XXXXXXXX
Cart Creation XXXXXXXX
Cart Update XXXXXXXX
Checkout Creation XXXXXXXX
Checkout Update XXXXXXXX

 Once all 5 webhooks are updated, please send the Webhook verification code to, and someone on the CartStack team will test your integration and let you know when your email campaign is ready to go live! 

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