Data API (Dashboard Stats)

The Data API allows you to query the data that is displayed on the CartStack dashboard.  

First, you will need to obtain your encrypted Site ID and API Key from your account setup page.  Click on the "Site ID / API Key" button on the right sidebar of the settings page.  From here you can copy the Site ID and generate a new API key.

This is the service URL:

Required parameters: Site ID (siteid), API Key (apikey)

Optional parameters: Days Returned(days), Date Range(startdate, enddate | format yyyy-mm-dd). Default is 30 days.

Here are a couple examples:


The response will be in JSON format, for example:

{ "dashboard":{ "Recovered Revenue":"$500.00", "Abandon Carts":"100", "Recovered Carts":"10", "Conversion Rate":"10%", "Average Order":"$50.00", "Email Sent":"100", "Open Rate":"50%", "Click Rate":"25%", "Bounce Rate":".5%", "Unsubscribes":"5", "recent recoveries":[ { "Email Address":"", "Recovery Date":"11\/30\/2018", "Order Amount":"$100.00" }, { "Email Address":"", "Recovery Date":"11\/29\/2018", "Order Amount":"$100.00" }, { "Email Address":"", "Recovery Date":"11\/28\/2018", "Order Amount":"$100.00" }, { "Email Address":"", "Recovery Date":"11\/27\/2018", "Order Amount":"$100.00" }, { "Email Address":"", "Recovery Date":"11\/26\/2018", "Order Amount":"$100.00" }, { "Email Address":"", "Recovery Date":"11\/25\/2018", "Order Amount":"$100.00" }, { "Email Address":"", "Recovery Date":"11\/24\/2018", "Order Amount":"$100.00" }, { "Email Address":"", "Recovery Date":"11\/23\/2018", "Order Amount":"$100.00" }, { "Email Address":"", "Recovery Date":"11\/22\/2018", "Order Amount":"$100.00" }, { "Email Address":"", "Recovery Date":"11\/21\/2018", "Order Amount":"$100.00" } ] }

Please let us know if you have any questions!

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