Core Commerce

If you don't already have a CartStack account, sign up here -

Log into your CartStack account and copy your unique tracking code from the code page.

Next, log into your Core Commerce store admin. Then navigate to Design > Edit HTML/CSS in the main menu.

Next, under the "Edit HTML/CSS" section, use the file selector dropdown to select the "header.html" file.

From the file editing screen, paste your CartStack tracking code right ABOVE the "</head>" tag as seen in the below screenshot.  Make sure to save the change by clicking the "Publish" button under "Publish to header.html".

Finally, go back to your  CartStack code/setup page to finalize the setup.  Enter the thank you / confirmation page URL of your store and then click "Review my Integration". 

A CartStack team member will review your site and email the account holder when the integration has been reviewed.

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