Virto Commerce

If you don't already have a CartStack account, sign up here -

Log into your CartStack account and copy your unique tracking code from the code page.

Next, log into your Virto Commerce store. Then from the sidebar menu, click More and then Content.

Click the "Themes" button next to the store that you would like to install CartStack on, and then click on the theme name (eg: "Default"). 

Select the Snippets folder and then open the "content_header.liquid" file.  Paste the CartStack tracking code into the editor field.  Make sure to save your changes.

Finally, go back to your  CartStack code/setup page to finalize the setup.  Enter the thank you / confirmation page URL of your store and then click "Review my Integration". 

A CartStack team member will review your site and email the account holder when the integration has been reviewed.

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