2checkout Order Webhook Setup

The 2checkout webhook option will send a new successful order event to CartStack, so our system knows a purchase has happened.  This will allow CartStack to suppress emails from going out to visitors who have purchased.

To set up your webhook, follow these steps:

1. Log into your 2checkout account and then go to Integrations > Webhooks & API.  Then go to the IPN settings tab.

2. From this page, you will need to copy your unique "Secret key" and email this to us at support@cartstack.com.  We use this to verify the transactions to keep the notification data secure.  Make sure to click the "view" icon next to the secret key field so you can see/copy the full key value.

3. Now you will want to create your unique CartStack webhook URL to paste into your 2checkout settings.  

(a) First, you will want to copy your website's Site ID from the Setup / Code Installation of your CartStack account.  From this page, click on the "Side ID / API Key" button in the right sidebar and then copy the Site ID value.

(b) Next, you will want to add your unique Site ID to the end of this URL " https://api.cartstack.com/ss/2checkout/?sid=".  So the finished example would look like this


Note: do NOT copy the exact URL above, this is only an example.

4. Now go back to your 2checkout account IPN settings page and click on the "Add IPN URL" button.

5.  In the New URL configuration pop-up, you will want to add your unique CartStack webhook URL (that you created in step 3b above) and check the box next to the "Allow concurrent requests" option.  Click "Add IPN" button to save your settings.

6.  You should now see the new webhook URL listed in the IPN URLs section.  If necessary, you can edit or remove the URL at any time with the options under the actions column.

7. Finally, you will need to make sure that a few specific Response Tags are selected for the IPN URL to make sure CartStack receives the proper data.  You will see the list of items if you scroll down on the IPN Settings page.  You will want to make sure these items are selected: ORDERNO, ORDERSTATUS, CUSTOMEREMAILIPN_TOTALGENERAL, IPN_PID, IPN_PNAME, and IPN_DATE. Note: you can leave any other items that are already checked alone. Make sure to click the "Update" button to save your changes.

If you have any questions or run into any issues, please contact support.

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