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Welcome to CartStack! We're so happy to have you on board. If you haven't already created a free trial account, you can  sign-up here.

Enter your website details. You'll see a window to enter your website details after creating your trial account. You can always update your settings on the main  settings page of your CartStack admin.
Set up your first email template. You can customize the placeholder text we've added to the basic email editor, or better yet, request a free email design on the  templates page.
Add the CartStack code to the global header of site. You can find your unique snippet on the  code page of your account. If you're using  VolusionFoxyCart, or  WooCommerce, click the link in this sentence to see your special instructions. 
Enter your confirmation/thank you page URL on the code page  of your account. If you're not sure what the URL is, run a test purchase on your site and copy the URL after completing your purchase. If the confirmation page loads dynamically,  click here for advanced options.
Click "Review My Integration." We'll make sure everything looks good and we'll let you know when you're ready to launch your email campaign!

Schedule a Success Call

We're conversion experts! Let's spend a few minutes talking about how to grow your business with CartStack. Our customer success lead, Kristi, will walk you through getting set up and answer any questions you might have.  Just click here to schedule a call! 

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