You can connect Unilog and CartStack easily using the steps below.

1. If you haven't already, create your CartStack account and log into the dashboard

2. Navigate to the code page, select Unilog from the drop-down list, and copy out your site-specific tracking code

3. Log into your Unilog Portal and open a support case with the Unilog Customer Success team. In that case, note that you are working on an integration with CartStack, and be sure to include the tracking code you captured in Step 2. The case will be updated when that activity has been completed.

4. Once Unilog has verified the tracking code has been added, head back over to the code page of your CartStack dashboard. Enter the URL for your order confirmation page on your website, and click Review My Integration.

5. Someone from the CartStack team will reach out when the integration has been completed!

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