You can easily set up CartStack with your Brushfire website. If you haven't already signed up for a trial, please do so here!

1. Within your CartStack dashboard, find your Tracking Code, Site ID, and API key.

2. Copy those 3 items and email them to the Brushfire team along with your website info at Feel free to copy the below template:
Hi Brushfire team!

We would like to integrate our website with CartStack. Here is our site info:

Website Name/URL:
Tracking code:
Site ID:
API Key:


3. Once the Brushfire team has confirmed that the data has been added to your website, head back to the Setup page in your CartStack dashboard. Enter Brushfire in the Confirmation URL field and click to Review My Integration.

Someone at CartStack will be in touch soon to let you know when the integration has been completed. :)

PRO TIP: Your Brushfire representative will add the code to all of your current events. To ensure that CartStack can continue tracking abandons & recovering purchases for all future events, be sure to create any new events by first duplicating an existing one. This will ensure that your unique tracking snippet is included in all future events without the need to re-integrate the code each time.

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