In some cases, when a user finalizes their order on a third party website (eg: PayPal), they aren't always redirected back to your website's thank you page. When this happens, our confirmation code doesn't load, so CartStack doesn't know this purchase was made and will send out an abandonment email. The best solution is to suppress any abandonment emails when a user starts their checkout process on a third party website. 

To do this, you will want to use the setThirdPartyID function. 

Function Call
_cartstack.push(['setThirdPartyID', '']);
Code Example 

For example, if your website included this PayPal link:

<a href="" id="paypal-link">Checkout on PayPal</a>

Your tracking code would look like this:

<script data-siteid="XXXXXX" src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
 _cartstack.push(['setThirdPartyID', 'paypal-link']);
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