Server Side Confirmation


Our Server Side Integration is a simple HTTP Request from your website that tells our system when a purchase/order has taken place. First, you will need to generate your unique API key. Then, a couple of URL parameters are required and our system will respond with a success/error code. 

What are the benefits of Server Side Integration?

Quite simply, the server side integration is more accurate than the Javascript (client side) confirmation tracking. Since the Javascript tracking relies on the end user's browser settings, a small percentage of conversions may be missed. The server side integration, however, is based on your back-end sending an API call to our system upon a purchase. This option should be 100% accurate. 

To get started, you will need to generate a unique API key on the  Code/Setup page of your account. 
URL Endpoint

When a purchase is made, you will need to send an HTTP request using this URL with the appropriate parameters. (Do not include the brackets{}){api key}&siteid={site id}&email={customer email}&total={cart total}

Before testing, ensure that your basic integration has been completed, emails have been added to your campaign, and the site is in test mode. WIthout emails being added you will most likely receive error 102.

URL Parameters
Parameter Required Notes
key yes unique API key, generate on the  code/setup page in your account
siteid yes your SiteID, view this on the  code/setup page in your account
email yes customer email address
total no order/purchase amount, used for revenue reporting
Response Codes
Code Description
100 success
101 missing required field (api key, site id, or email)
102 general error(Err_Txt: Cart not found for email address [email])
103 API key mismatch
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