Log into your FoxyCart admin control panel.
Navigate to Templates > Configuration
Scroll down to "Add custom header and footer code to your templates." (Make sure the checkbox is selected.)

Paste our code snippet from the  Code page of your CartStack account into the custom header section.

On the  Code page of your CartStack account, paste the URL for the thank you page which loads after a purchase is completed and click "Review My Integration."
Cart Items integration 

The setCartItem function allows you to pass the product data (eg: product name, image, price, etc) to our system. You will need to call this function for each product in your customer's cart. After this has been integrated, it can be used to display the customer's actual cart items in the abandoned cart emails they receive.

Make sure to replace XXXXXX with your site ID. You can find your unique Site ID on the  Code page.

Add this in between <head> on the cart template:

<script data-siteid="XXXXXX" src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
    {% for item in items %}
_cartstack.push(['setCartItem', {
'quantity':'{{ item.quantity }}',
'productID':'{{ item.code }}',
'productName': encodeURI('{{ }}'),
'productDescription':'{{ item.category }}',
'productURL':'{{ item.url }}',
'productImageURL':'{{ item.image }}',
'productPrice':'{{ item.price_each }}';
    {% endfor %}
Email Template Usage

After you have integrated the cart items feature, you can simply include the below variable within your email template.


The email will then dynamically display the items the user had in their shopping cart in this basic layout:

Server Side Integration (Datafeed URL API)

Along with the client side confirmation code that's included in the basic integration above, we also offer a server side confirmation integration which is a bit more reliable. This is not a required step to get up and running with CartStack, but it will ensure a 100% purchase tracking rate because you will be relying on the server instead of the customer's browser. This can be implemented at any time. It does not need to be completed for initial setup.

Enable your datafeed API. You will find this field by going to "advanced" under the Store options, then checking the "would you like to enable your store datafeed?" box.

Add this URL to the datafeed URL field -

Make sure to add your Site ID to the end of the URL. You can find your unique Site ID in the CartStack admin, under the Code tab.

Email CartStack with your API key, found here:

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