Google Tag Manager

These instructions assume that you’ve already created a Container for your website and have installed the Google Tag Manager code on your website.
Create a tag to fire CartStack on every page of your site. 
  1. Open your Tag Manager and add a New Tag. Select Tag Configuration and set the Tag Type to Custom HTML Tag via the menu on the right-hand side. (You may need to scroll down that menu to find the option.)

  2. Paste the complete CartStack Tracking Code into the HTML field. This can be found under Tracking Code on the Setup Page of the CartStack admin.
  3. Select the Triggering option, choose All Pages, and Save. Once saved, click the Submit button on the top right-hand side to publish the new tag.

  4. In the CartStack dashboard, enter your confirmation/thank you page URL on the Setup Page of your account. If you're not sure what the URL is, run a test purchase on your site and copy the URL after completing your purchase. If the confirmation page loads dynamically, click here for advanced options.
  5. Click the Review My Integration button. We'll make sure everything looks good and let you know when you're ready to launch your email campaign!
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