Go to Content -> Header and Footer


Paste the code snippet from the  Code page of your CartStack account in the Global Header field with the WYSIWYG mode turned off.


On the   Code page of your CartStack account, paste the URL for the thank you page which loads after a purchase is completed and click "Review My Integration."

Adding Cart Items to Your Emails

Description: The setCartItem function allows you to pass the product data (eg: product name, image, price, etc.) to our system. You will need to call this function for each product in your visitor's cart. After this has been integrated, it can be used to display the user's actual cart items in the abandoned cart email they receive.

In the lefthand navigation, go to Settings > Designs > Themes and Styles
Under Go to Folder, select templates/common-html5 
Select view_cart.html 
Search for <!--START: SHOPPING_CART_ITEM→ in the code
Insert the following snippet directly below <!--START: SHOPPING_CART_ITEM→
Be sure to replace YOURSITE with the name of your site as it appears in your site's URL.
<script type="text/javascript">
  _cartstack.push(['setCartItem', {
   'quantity' : '[ITEM_QUANTITY]',
   'productName' : '[ITEM_NAME]',
   'productImageURL' : 'http://YOURSITE.com/thumbnail.asp?file=[THUMBNAIL]',
   'productPrice': '[ITEM_PRICE]'
Save your changes

Inserting the Cart Items Variable Into an Email Template

After you have integrated the cart items feature, you can simply include the below variable within your email template. If we've designed free email templates for you, just ask us to upload your thumbnail enabled templates to your CartStack account.


This will dynamically display the items that the user had in their shopping cart in this basic layout:

How Do I Test This?

To test your cart items integration, abandon a cart on your website (make sure you've added the "%%cartitems%%" variable to your email template). Then log into your account and go to the Reports >  Send Queue report. Then click on the view icon (see screenshot below). You will see the actual email that will be sent out, so you can make sure the cart items are included. 

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