CartStack can be added to BigCommerce in a couple of ways. If you are using the Optimized Checkout, our code can be added via the Script Manager (see below). If you are not using the Optimized Checkout, you can either upgrade to the Optimized Checkout OR add the tracking code to Google Tag Manager(GTM) container.

Adding via Google Tag Manager

1. Add our tracking code to your existing GTM container. This will be your unique tracking code found here on your dashboard.

2. Log in to your BigCommerce Portal and select Advanced Settings, then Data Solutions. 

3. Select Google Analytics and ensure your GTM tag is added.

Script Manager with Optimized Checkout

1. Ensure you have the Optimized Checkout running in your BigCommerce portal. 

2. Navigate to the Storefront, then select Script Manager, and click Create a script.

3. On the Create Script page, enter the information as in the screenshot below and click Save:
Name of script: CartStack

Description: Cart Abandonment
Location on page: Head
Select pages where script will be added: All pages
Script Category: Essential
Script type: Script
Script contents: This will be your unique tracking code found here on your dashboard.

Additional information on the script manager in BigCommerce can be found here.

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