You will need a CartStack trial account to integrate into your nopCommerce store.  If you don't have a trial yet, sign up here.

Here are the steps to integrate the nopCommerce CartStack plugin:

1. Find the plugin here, download the plugin files, and install them.

2. Once the plugin is installed, click on Plug-Ins, then Analytics Settings.

3. You should find the CartStack settings about halfway down the page. You'll need to include your SiteID and Js file location. To find that information, head to your Code Installation and Setup page in your CartStack dashboard.

4. On the code page, if a tracking code has not yet been generated for you, please select nopCommerce from the Website Platform drop-down menu. Once that happens you'll see a tracking code generate.

  • Your unique SiteID will be found here:

  • Your unique Js file location will be found here:

5. Enter the information from Step 4 into your nopCommerce dashboard as shown below and click the checkbox to Use CartStack Tracking.

6. Save your changes and head back to the Code Installation and Setup page in your CartStack dashboard. Enter your confirmation URL and click to Review My Integration!

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