For the best integration with WooCommerce, you should install the CartStack plugin as well as adding the tracking code to your site's global header. The tracking code for your site can be found here.

Installing the plug-in will allow for WooCommerce to pass us cart-items to use in your emails from multiple pages and enables server-side confirmation, which is a more reliable way of confirming customer's purchases than the client-side method. The tracking code will need to be installed to the global header of your site as well, to ensure that any customizations or additional features can be utilized on your site.


Install the CartStack Plugin:

Log into your Wordpress Account.
Click Plugins in the left menu.

Click Add New.

Type cartstack in the search bar and hit enter.

Click Install Now.

Click Activate Plugin.

Adjust Your Settings:

View CartStack in the list of plugins and click CartStack Settings.

Enter your unique  Site ID into the Wordpress settings page. To do this:
Copy the data- siteid value (see below screenshot) from the  code page of your CartStack account.

Then paste this value into the Site ID field on your plugin settings page.

Make sure all 3 boxes are checked. If you don't have the "Include Capture Only Code" box, don't worry about it!

Enter Your API Key: 

On the  Code page of your CartStack account, click "Server Side Confirmation Code (optional)".

Then click Generate Key.

Copy key and paste it into the API Key box in the plugin settings.

Click save changes.

One additional piece that is not required, but that we recommend, is the Wordpress plug-in called Cart Links for Woocommerce. This plug-in will allow for your site to re-populate your customer's cart items across different devices and is a huge advantage in abandoned carts! If you decide to install this plug-in, let us know at support@cartstack.com since it will require some additional setup.

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