If you don't already have a CartStack account, sign up here - https://www.cartstack.com/sign-up/

1. Log into your  CartStack account and navigate to the code/setup page.  On this page, select "2checkout" in the website platform dropdown list.  Then copy your unique Tracking Code snippet from #1 under the installation instructions.

2. Then log into your 2checkout account and then go to Settings > Interface Templates.  Find your current Shopping Cart template and click "Edit".  From the edit screen, scroll down to the "Head Information" section.  Paste your CartStack tracking code into the "Meta & CSS" text field, below any other text.  Make sure to save the update.

3. If you are currently sending abandoned cart emails from the 2checkout system, you will want to disable these.  To do this, to Marketing tools > Lead management.  From here you can disable the "Shopping cart abandons" email.  Note: make sure NOT to disable the "Unfinished payment" email follow up.

3. Go back to your CartStack code/setup page to finalize the setup.  For step #2, enter your store's Confirmation Page URL into the field.  It will most likely look like one of these options:

- https://secure.2checkout.com/order/finish.php
- https://www.yourwebsite.com/order/finish.php

Finally, click the "Review My Integration" button.   A CartStack team member will review your site and email you at your account email when the integration is complete.

If you would like to set up a confirmation webhook for your 2checkout integration, please follow these steps - 2checkout Order Webhook Setup.  This is an optional, but recommended step (especially if your web store processes a high volume of transactions).

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