Manage Tracking Alerts

Tracking alerts are email notifications that are triggered by the CartStack system when certain events happen or conditions are met.  Alerts are helpful for keeping your campaigns running effectively. For example, if you accidentally remove the CartStack tracking code snippet from your website, you'll get notified.

Available Tracking Alerts

  • No Emails Sent - An email alert will be sent when no retargeting emails have been sent out for the designated threshold.
  • No Purchases Recorded - An email alert will be sent when no purchases have been recorded on your website for the designated threshold.  This includes any purchase on the website (whether it was a recovered order or not).
  • No Cart Total Amount - An email alert will be sent when no cart totals have been captured for the designated threshold. This is helpful to make sure your recovered revenue reporting is accurate.

How to Manage Alerts

You can manage your tracking alert settings by going to the setup / code installation page in the CartStack admin.  From this page, you will see the "Tracking Alerts" option in the right sidebar.

This will display the Tracking Alerts option window.  You can enable or disable the individual alerts, update the trigger threshold (eg: trigger alert if the event hasn't happened for X days/weeks/months), and set your notification email(s)

To turn off all notifications, simply disable all tracking alerts and save your changes.

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