How Does CartStack Work?

Simple Overview:

  • The first time a customer visits your site, we'll need to capture their email address in order to send them a cart reminder email. We can capture an email address in real time as it's typed anywhere on your site, whether it's on a newsletter signup form, on the checkout page, etc.
  • If your customer abandons their cart without completing a purchase, their email address will be added to the send queue so that we can send them an email inviting them back to your site to complete their purchase.
  • We use cookies to remember your customers in case they ever return to your site again. That means next time they abandon a cart on your site, we'll know it and we'll be able to send them cart reminder emails, even if they didn't enter their email address again.
  • So the longer our code is on your site, the smarter the system gets because the more customers it will remember. Once your customer completes their purchase, their email address will be removed from the send queue so that we won't send them any more cart reminder emails.

How do you determine if a cart has been recovered with CartStack?

  • We'll track both abandoned carts and recovered carts on the dashboard of your account. An abandoned cart is every customer who we captured an email address for when they abandoned their cart without checking out.
  • We count a sale as recovered if a customer who abandoned their cart has engaged with our email in some way. That means they need to at least open the email, or even click through the email, and then complete their purchase.
  • If a customer returns to your site to complete their purchase without opening a cart reminder email from us, we do not take credit for recovering that sale.

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