Enabling Domain Suppression

Domain Suppression can be used to block email addresses from a specific domain so they do not receive your cart abandonment emails. It is important that the domain you want to block be very specific (@yourcompany.com). If the domain is too generic (@gmail.com), we will stop sending emails to all customers whose address ends with @gmail and you will potentially miss out on lost revenue.

Examples of domains NOT to block:

To Enable Domain Suppression:

  1. Contact us at support@cartstack.com and request access to the Domain Suppression option.
  2. Once enabled, navigate to the settings page on your dashboard here https://admin.cartstack.com/settings/.
  3. Scroll down to the Email Suppression category and enter any domains you want to stop sending CartStack emails to. You can enter multiple domains by separating them with a comma.
  4. Save changes.

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