Creating an Email Template

Accessing and Using the Editor

This article will guide you through the steps of creating an email in CartStacks Basic Email Builder to get you on the way to a successful campaign!

  1. Navigate to your cart abandonment campaign set-up page. Click the Add Email button.
  2. Choose a Template Category from the dropdown list and select a template.
  3. Once the template has been selected you are free to customize it with text and images for your site.
  4. To use the builder, you can select the different content blocks of the email and add features with the menu in the right-hand panel. After selecting and placing features, additional property options will become available to you in the right-hand panel.

Adding a Pre-Header

A pre-header should be added to all emails you create! The text here will show in most email clients next to the subject line.

  1. To add a preheader section, click on or add a text section above the header.

  2. Once your text block has been added, enter your desired pre-header. For Example, "Item quantities are limited!" or "Rooms are filling fast!". You'll want the pre-header to be different than your subject line and the text to be smaller than the rest of the email.

Adding URLs

All banner images, logos, and buttons in your email should have a URL on it. This will help with deliverability as well as allow customers a sure way to get back to your site!

  1. Select your logo, banner image or button and in the properties on the right-hand panel, enter the desired URL. For logos and images, use the homepage of your site, for the button URLs, use the cart page or booking engine URL.

Adding Cart-items

In order to populate cart items in your email template, you will have to include the variable %%cartitems%% to whichever text block in the email you wish for the products to show. When the email generates, the customer's specific products will populate in that spot.

Cart-Items Layout

You will have 2 cart-item layouts to choose from and Layout 1 will be the default. We are currently building out the feature that will allow you to customize this format and expand your options. In the interim, the formats that can be used are shown below, email us at and let us know if you would like to use Layout 2!

Layout 1:

Layout 2:

Unsubscribe Link

The unsubscribe link will populate in the template automatically for you, but if you need to include it manually, the link is:

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