Push Notifications

The Push Notification campaign is a powerful eCommerce tool that will allow your business to send tailored desktop notifications to customers promoting your brand and products, as well as allow you to follow up with leads that have abandoned shopping carts.

Getting Started

Step 1:

Push Notification targeting will require explicit opt-in from the customer in order to be utilized. A service worker file will need to be uploaded to the root directory of your web server where your checkout pages are hosted. You may need to reach out to your eCommerce or Booking platform if you do not have access to that server.

The service worker file can be downloaded here. **NOTE: If you attempt to open the file on a device that isn't a web server, it will most likely throw a "Windows Script Host" error. This is normal as the file is not intended to be opened locally on your computer.

If you place the service worker file in any other location besides the root directory, let us know at support@cartstack.com.

Step 2:

Navigate to your CartStack Dashboard and head to the Push Notifications page here. Select the 'Email Support to Activate' button and someone from the CartStack Support Team will email you know they received the request.

Step 3:

Once the CartStack Support Team has finished their side of the setup, navigate back to the Push Notifications page here.

  1. Select Add Web Push Notification and then Edit.
  2. Set the Send Delay (We recommend the first be sent at 20 minutes).
  3. Set the Push Title, Message, Icon, and Call To Action URL. 
  4. Save Settings!
  5. (Optional) If you have a Browse Abandonment email campaign running, you can set Push Notifications for those abandonments as well. They can be set on your Push Notifications page by selecting Browse Notifications at the top of the page.

Example Campaigns:

Notification #1 - (I think a support-based angle would work well for the first notification. Just to reassure your shoppers that you're looking out for them & there to help if they need it.)
Headline - Oops, did something go wrong?
Body - We're holding your cart, but not for long! Come back now to complete your order, or let us know if you need assistance checking out.
Notification #2 - (A little scarcity is probably a good idea here, if they didn't respond to your support-based inquiry)
Headline - Don't forget about your shopping cart!
Body - Inventory is limited & running low! Come back now to complete your order while stocks last.
Notification #3 - (If you have a coupon code you can offer, I think your third notification would be a great place to offer it!)
Headline - Did you forget about us? ---  OR ---Where did you go?
Body - We miss you! Come back now & get 10% off your order with promo code: 10OFF
(If you don't want to offer a discount, we could go with something like: We miss you! Come back now and complete your order with (Company) before it's too late!)
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