SMS Checkbox Opt-In

SMS campaign targeting will require explicit opt-in from the customer in order to be utilized. A checkbox will need to be added to your site's checkout flow with ID in order to track which customers have opted-in to be messaged. Some eCommerce platforms will have options to enable this in their portal, and most will at least have an option to update the checkout page form fields. Here are a couple of examples of what this checkbox looks like:

If your eCommerce platform already has an existing option to add that checkbox, just enable the option and send us an email at to finish the setup.

If your eCommerce platform just allows you to update the form fields on the page, a checkbox with the appropriate verbiage will need to be added before we can finish the setup. An example of the HTML to include should look similar to this:

<input type="checkbox" id="sms_optin" name="sms_optin" value="yes">
<label for="sms_optin"> I would like to receive order updates and promotional SMS messages. Opt-out anytime.</label>

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