Tab Abandonment

The Tab Abandonment feature will alert customers who have navigated off your site and onto another browser tab.

The Browser Tab Text and Sound Effect will trigger 2 minutes after a customer has interacted with, and navigated off your site. Upon clicking back to your site, the Browser Tab text will revert back to your site's default text.

  1. To set this feature up, navigate to your Tab Abandonment page in your CartStack dashboard.
  2. Set your Browser Tab Text, desired Sound Effect, and click Save.

    • Browser tab text can be up to 28 characters in length. Some example text:
      • Reminder: Items in Your Cart
      • WAIT! Still interested?
      • Oops! Forgetting something?
      • Reminder: Confirm Your Order
      • Uh oh! Did something happen?
      • WAIT! Don't forget about ...
      • Your Cart Is Missing You!
      • Are you still interested?
      • Don't forget your cart!
      • WAIT! Your orders ships free
      • Awaiting Order Confirmation
  3. Email us at to complete the setup.

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