Shopping Cart Items Not Populating the Email Template Correctly

You have set up a campaign with email templates and notice the customer's shopping cart items are not populating in the email templates or are showing broken images/names. This article will serve as a step-by-step guide to fix them. Note that some platforms with webhook integrations, such as Shopify, will not allow cart items to be scraped from the page. The cart items will be set up by the CartStack team as part of the integration but cannot be fully tested until email templates have been added and finalized.

Cause 1: The email templates have not been set correctly.

In order for cart items to populate the email template, you will need to include the %%cartitems%% variable to call those items in. More info on how to set that up can be found here.

Cause 2: Your cart/checkout page does not display cart items.

Since CartStack is collecting information from your pages, your cart or checkout pages will need to have the items listed on the actual page along with any info/images you would like to be included in the email template.

Cause 3: The HTML labels on your cart page are not specific enough.

To collect that information for your email templates, the CartStack code has to read your cart page and find the information. If the HTML labels on your page are not unique and non-descript, we will not be able to collect the cart information. Alternatively, you are able to push us the cart information instead of CartStack code scraping the page. More info on pushing data to CartStack here.

Cause 4: You made changes to your cart/checkout page.

If any changes are made to the cart/checkout pages, it could break the cart items since our code is looking for specific labels in your HTML. If you know if changes that have been made, please email us at so we can adjust the code on our end.

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