Passing Email Addresses Across Domain

Cross-domain email address tracking will allow you to connect your marketing site with your checkout/booking funnel and lead to increased email capture.

Usually, cross-domain tracking would require the use of 3rd party cookies, which are widely blocked and restricted by the most commonly used browsers. CartStack only uses 1st party cookies, and we are able to bypass the 3rd party cookie restriction by including the customer's captured email address in a URL parameter.

To set this up, you would need to be able to capture a customer's email address from your marketing site, and be able to pass it to the URL being sent to the checkout or booking funnel where the CartStack tracking code is firing. Note: The ability to add URL parameter may not be compatible with all platforms.

Example Steps:

Step 1:
Capture the customer's email address on the marketing site.

Step 2:
Pass the email address as a URL parameter in the button or link that sends a customer to the checkout/booking funnel. The parameter, for example, will be: &

An example of the full URL with the parameter will be:¤cy=USD&depart=2021-08-25&hotel=1406&level=hotel&locale=en-US&rooms=1&

Once the parameter is passed to the checkout/booking funnel, our code will pick it up automatically to be used in case of abandonment. 

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