Back In Stock Notifications Info and Setup Instructions

The Back-in-Stock Notifications will keep customers who have opted in to be notified, in a list in your CartStack dashboard. When the item is back in stock you can trigger an email or text message to send out to the list to let them know. 

Your customers would opt-in on the product pages themselves via custom code we will provide! Because of the complexity of this new campaign, we require the site process over 300 orders per month and the minimum cost is an extra $100/mo to enable.

Basic setup instructions for the back-in-stock tracking and campaigns:

1) Our basic tracking code will need to be included on the global website. This may already be completed if you have an existing cart abandonment campaign running, but can also be found on your setup page if it needs to be added.
2) Then, on the product pages (where you want to eventually show the "sign up to get notified when this item is back in stock" widget), you'll need to include the below global javascript variables anywhere in the source of the page:
<script type="text/javascript">
   var cartstack_page_type = 'product'; //static - do not change
   var cartstack_product_name = 'my awesome product'; //dynamic product name here
   var cartstack_product_sku = '123'; //dynamic product sku here
   var cartstack_product_url = ''; //dynamic product page URL
   var cartstack_product_image_url = ''; //dynamic product image URL
   var cartstack_product_price = '0.00'; //dynamic product price
   var cartstack_product_stock_status = 'in_stock'; //in_stock OR out_of_stock, dynamic based on stock status of product 
See the comments next to each variable above for what static and dynamic data to include. Our system will key off of the last variable above (cartstack_product_stock_ status) to know whether the product is in stock or out of stock.
3) Once complete, reach out to CartStack support ( to finalize the setup and fully enable the back-in-stock campaign feature.
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