Product Suppressions

Product Suppressions will allow you to stop emails from being sent if specific products have been added to a customer's cart.

Creating a Product Suppression

1. Navigate to your Product Suppressions page and click the Create Product Suppression button.

2. Suppression Options:

  • Campaign - This will select the CartStack campaign to apply the suppression to. At the moment, only the Cart Abandonment campaign will be able to utilize the suppression functionality.
  • Function - When a suppressed product is detected in an email, you will have the option of suppressing the entire email from sending, or just suppressing the specific cart item from displaying in the email.
  • SKU - The SKU field will need to be a unique value to the product you are trying to suppress. It can be the item's actual SKU number or the Product Name (as long as it is unique). CartStack will be collecting this information from the cart or checkout page of your site so the values will need to be present on those pages. The value entered in this field should match what displays on those pages exactly.

3. When the suppression has been created, email us at along with a link to the product on your site you want to be suppressed. We will finish the setup on our end and let you know when it has been completed.

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