Email Creation: Adding a Dynamic Image

With the CartStack email builder, you will have the option to insert a dynamic image into your emails sent to the customer. For example, you can send an image of the property the customer was browsing, or a specific promotional banner. 

These dynamic images must be sent (or scraped) in the form of a data item. If you wish CartStack to scrape and create the data item, you'll need to be on a Pro plan and reach out to us at to begin the process! Once the data item has been created, you'll need to add the functionality to your email template.

Adding a Dynamic Image to the Email Builder

1. Edit your email within the CartStack drag-and-drop builder found here in your account.

2. Add an image, or select an existing image and click on the Dynamic Image toggle.

3. Next, we'll need the dynamic URL to insert. To build the dynamic URL, we'll first start with our data item, which for example, is named "propertyimage".

  • The basic data item should then look like this (case sensitive): %%propertyimage[]%%
  • Within the brackets[] of the above data item, is where we are going to insert the default URL. The default URL is used as a backup in case no data item is passed.
  • The full exampled URL now becomes, %%propertyimage[]%%

4. Insert the URL in the Dynamic URL field and click Publish.

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