Choosing the correct URL for your Call to Action (CTA) button.

When designing an email template, you may not be sure which URL to use on your Call to Action (CTA) button. The answer to this will depend on your website and its settings.

Static URLs

Static URLs will remain the same for every customer that receives an email from CartStack. A Static URL should point to the cart or booking page of your website. Ex.,

Your CartStack emails will simply try to route customers to that page so the customer can view their cart items or booking info. This functionality will not work across devices, so if they abandon on a desktop, and attempt to click through their abandonment email on their phone, they will be sent to an empty cart or booking page.  

In order for something like this to work effectively, your site's cookie settings should save the customer's cart or booking data for at least a week. If you are not sure of your site's specific settings, you will need to check those with your platform. If your site is not saving the cart or booking data, your site's homepage URL should be used for the CTA button instead.

Dynamic URLs

Dynamic URLs can be used if your platform is tokenizing or saving every customer's cart/booking data and serving it to the URL. A few examples of what those URLs might look like:, etc.

In these situations, CartStack is able to pull in the exact URL the customer sees and serve it to the email sent to them. This way, the customer can re-access the exact same cart from any device.

In order for this to be set up, the customer's unique ID will need to be in the URL, and you will need to make sure your website is not expiring carts or sessions for at least 1 week. 

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