Volusion has a couple of different setups and the one you will need depends on whether or not you are utilizing their new Premium Checkout. To find out if you are using the Premium checkout, log into the Volusion dashboard and go to Settings, then Checkout. You'll see the option for Premium Checkout checked or unchecked

Volusion Premium Checkout Setup

1. In order to integrate CartStack into the new Volusion Premium Checkout, you'll first need to create a Google Tag Manager container, or add a tag to an existing container. The instructions for setting up a GTM tag with CartStack can be found here.

2. Once you have your GTM container ID, log into the Volusion dashboard and go to Settings, then Checkout. At the very bottom of the page, there is an option to "Enable Google Tag Manager". Select the checkbox and enter your GTM ID into the field below. Click Save

3. If you are using Volusions new Site Designer feature, you'll also need to add the GTM ID there. In your Volusion dashboard navigate to Design, then Site Designer. Click the Edit button and when you see the additional options open up on the left of the screen. Find the Google Tag Manager option, toggle it to enable, and enter your GTM ID. Click Save.

4. Once complete, continue to Step 5 of the setup below.

Non-Premium Volusion Setup

    1.Log into your Volusion account. Go to Design > File Editor in your store Admin Area.

2. Open your Template Files.

3. Add the CartStack code snippet, found on the code page of your CartStack account, above </head>.

4. Click save.

5. On the code page of your CartStack account, tell us the URL for the thank you page which loads after a purchase is completed.

6. Click Review My Integration.

Someone on the CartStack team will then test your integration and let you know when your email campaign is ready to go live!

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