Testing an Integration

After you've added the tracking code to your website and the integration has been completed by CartStack/RezRecover support, you should test your integration to make sure everything is working correctly. If you notice something isn't working quite right, please reach out to us at support@cartstack.com, and we'll be glad to help you troubleshoot.

Testing the Tracking Code Integration
  1. Ensure you have an email loaded and active in your Cart or Booking campaign here.
  2. If the campaign is in Test Mode, ensure you have the email address you are testing with, specified on the settings page.
  3. Navigate to your site in a private or incognito browser tab. This will ensure your site cache has been updated to see the latest version of our code file.
  4. Add something to the cart on your site or book a room. Then visit the cart, checkout, or booking page and enter a valid email address.  If your CartStack account is in test mode, be sure to enter the email address that is in the Test Emails field on the Settings page of your account.
  5. Move your cursor out of the email field or tab away to another
  6. Abandon the checkout process by exiting the site or reloading the page.
  7. View the Send Queue report in the CartStack admin. 

If the tracking code has been installed correctly, you will see your email address listed in the Send Queue report.

    7. Click the magnifying glass icon under "Actions" to view a preview of the email you're scheduled to receive.

Monitoring Recent Activity

  1. Navigate to the Code page on your dashboard.
  2. Click the button on the right labeled Testing / Recent Activity.
  3. This will open a box that displays your Recent Emails Sent and Recent Purchases Recorded. If the website has been set-up for a period of time, both of these sections should be populated with your customer's emails.
    Recent Emails: Any CartStack email sent to a customer.
    Recent Purchases Recorded: Any purchase made on your website regardless if it was obtained through a CartStack email or not.
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