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How many reminder emails should you send?

You can send up to three email reminders per abandonment. We recommend sending at least two reminder emails. If you want to be more conservative, just send one email. If you are comfortable being a bit more aggressive, send three reminders. 

When should you send the emails?

In a scenario where you are sending three reminder emails, we recommend sending the first email at about 30 minutes. It's important that customers receive the first email within the first hour of their abandonment. We recommend sending the second email 1 day later and the third email between 4-7 days after after the cart has been abandoned. However, these are just general guidelines, so feel free to test different send times.

What should your emails say?

We recommend using a support tone in the first email. For the second and third email, messages that communicate benefit to a customer or create a sense of urgency are more likely to be opened. Be sure to know your audience and stay true to your brand, whether it's chic or silly. Wondering what other businesses say in their cart reminder emails? Check out the examples below.

eCommerce Email Examples

Email 1

Email 2

Email 3

Hotel Email Examples

Email 1

Email 2

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