Writing Effective Subject Lines

We recommend using a support tone in the first email. For the second and third email, subject lines that communicate benefit to a customer or create a sense of urgency are more likely to be opened. Be sure to know your audience and stay true to your brand, whether it's chic or silly. Here are some subject line ideas:

Email 1: Support Tone
  • Did something go wrong? 
  • Is there something we can do to help?
  • Did you forget something?
  • Smile! Your items are still for sale.
  • Your cart items are lonely.
  • Come see what your shopping cart has been up to.
  • We're still holding your dates.
Email 2/3: Sense of Urgency
  • Hurry back while your items are still in stock.
  • Don't leave a good thing behind.
  • Book your stay while you still can.
  • You left something in your cart.
  • Act fast if you still want your items.
  • Your shopping cart is about to expire.
  • There's still time.
  • The best tools in the industry are waiting for you.

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