Troubleshooting Errant Emails

Description: If one of your customers receives an email from us after they've completed their purchase, there is something keeping your site from passing CartStack a confirmation for the completed purchase.

Check to make sure the CartStack code snippet on the  code page of your CartStack account is in the global header of your site.
Check to make sure you entered the correct thank you page URL on the  code page of your CartStack account. If you're not sure what the URL is for your thank you page, complete a test purchase on your site and copy the URL from the page that loads after the purchase is completed. If you make a change to the URL, contact us to let us know.
Did any recipients of errant emails complete their purchases with PayPal? If so, please  view the instructions on this page.
If the confirmation emails you send to customers after they complete their purchases contain the customers' email address, you can set up email confirmation. Contact us, and we'll give you a custom email address to BCC all of your confirmation emails to so our system has a second way of knowing when a purchase has been completed.
Advanced solution: If there is a developer on your team, they can set up  Server Side Confirmation, which will allow our system to know when a purchase is completed without depending on how our code loads in your customers' browser.
If you've worked through this troubleshooting checklist and your CartStack account is still sending errant emails, please contact us at

If only a very small amount of customers are affected, then this is most likely normal behavior. Our code is monitoring the purchase confirmation page in order to see who successfully purchases so our code knows when to NOT send an email. As you know, we are using Javascript to do this, which puts us at the mercy of the browser. This can affect customers who have slow internet connections, errors on their browsers, or most likely, have left the page faster than our code can load. In these cases, we will not detect that a purchase has been made!
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