Log into your ThinkReservations booking management system:
Click the "Settings" link in the top menu
Click the "Marketplace" link under the Applications section of the sidebar menu
Find the CartStack add-on and click "Learn More"
From the CartSack add-on page, click the "Add Application" button.  
Then you will see two simple steps to finalize the integration.

First, if you haven't already created your CartStack account, you can do that here-  Sign up for trial .  

Secondly, you will need to enter your CartStack site ID into the field (highlighted in the screenshot below).  If you aren't sure where to find your site ID value, see here -  How do I find my site ID?)
 After you have completed these two steps, click "Activate Activation".

Note: this will NOT automatically launch your campaign.  You will still need to set up your email templates and enable your campaign in your CartStack account.

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