No Emails Sent

You may have received an email notification about "No emails being sent" or noticed that your reports aren't showing any recent emails being. This is usually caused by one of a few things:

Possible Issues

(1) The CartStack tracking code has been removed from the website.

To verify this: confirm that the CartStack tracking code is included in the global header of your website.  You should be able to see the tracking code by viewing the source of your website.  If you are using Google tag manager, confirm that the CartStack tracking code is included in the proper container.
To fix this: If you do not see the CartStack tracking code on your website, you can easily re-install it by visiting the Setup / Code Installation page in your account.  After you have done this, feel free to let our support team know so we can review the integration for you again.

After you've fixed the issue, you can test your fix.

(2) The Cart or Checkout page URLs of your website have recently changed.

Our system needs to know the URL of your cart and checkout page(s) to make sure we know which pages to track for abandoning users (this is part of our manual setup process).  If these URLs change then the tracking will no longer work correctly. In addition, if you have a mobile version of the site and the URLs are different, please let us know at

To verify this: Find out if your website URLs have changed recently for the cart and/or checkout pages.
To fix this: If your URL(s) have changed, contact our support team to let us know about the new page URL(s).  We will have to make an update on our end to reconnect the tracking.

After you've fixed the issue, you can test your fix.

(3) Your site is in Test Mode.

Test mode can be used during integration or troubleshooting your campaigns.  When in test mode, only emails entered on the settings page will be tracked / receive emails.  If Test Mode was not disabled then no other emails will be sent out.

To verify this: Go to the Settings page of your CartStack account and make sure that "Test Mode" is disabled.  If disabled, the toggle will be gray (like the below screenshot).  If "Test Mode" is currently enabled the toggle will be green.

To fix this: Disabled test mode by turning off the "Test Mode" option.

After you've fixed the issue, you can test your fix.

(4) Your campaigns are all disabled.

For emails to be delivered from CartStack at least one of your campaign emails must be active.

To verify this: Review your campaigns (eg: Cart Abandonment, Browse Abandonment) to make sure at least one email is active in your campaign sequence. If all emails are inactive / disabled, it will look like the below screenshot.

To fix this: Activate at least one of your campaign emails by clicking on the "Activate Campaign" button.

After you've fixed the issue, you can test your fix.

Test Your Fix

After you have fixed the issue you will want to test the update to make sure visitors are being tracked and emails are being sent again. Go to the Setup / Code Installation page and click on the "Testing / Recent Activity" button on the right sidebar.

This will display a recent activity window where you can view the latest 10 emails sent by CartStack.  You will want to make sure that the recent email sends look correct.  You can also view the "Last Tracked Activity" date and time too.  This will show you the last website visitor that the CartStack tracking code tracked on your cart or checkout page.

If you've tried all the fixes listed above and your account still isn't tracking visitors or sending emails, please reach out to the CartStack support team.

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