Creating an Email with Existing HTML

This article will outline the steps to upload existing HTML from your email template, into your cart abandonment campaign.

  1. Navigate to your cart abandonment campaign set-up page. Click the Add Email button.
  2. Select Create Email, then Use Our HTML Editor.
  3. Click the Source Code button on the top left-hand side of the formatting options.
  4. When the Source Code box opens, remove the existing text and paste in your HTML. Click Ok.

  5. You will now see a preview of the template. If everything looks good, select Save and Done.
  6. Now back on the main Email settings page you can:
    A. Set the Send Status. (This will start sending emails to customers, so ensure the email is good and the rest of the campaign is ready to go)
    B. Set the Send Delay. (We recommend 20 minutes for the first email)
    C. Set the Subject line. For tips see our article on subject line tips.
    D. Test your email by entering your email address.

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