Conditional Content for Email Templates

Conditional Content allows CartStack users to present their customers with the most relevant email content possible, to give you the best chance at recovering a lost sale.

Conditions are predefined by the user & can be based on a number of factors:

  • Actions the customer took on your website.
  • Items added to their cart.
  • The total value of the abandoned cart.
  • Product pages viewed.
  • The region/language of the abandoned customer.
  • And much more…

Once the conditions are defined, all you need to do is tell our email builder which content to show which segment of recipients, and you’re all set!

Click here for some additional examples.

There are 2 ways to pass the conditions and the content to CartStack:

1. The CartStack code can scrape your page or URL for the data items. This would require the data that's being passed to be stored on a unique ID in the HTML on your page or present in the URL. It will also require your account to be on a paid CartStack Pro plan. We cannot set this feature up on a trial account.


2. You can pass us the data items via our API when you decide the conditions are met. This will not require you to be on a CartStack Pro plan and our API docs are here.

To Get Started:

Email us at with the conditions you would like to use. We'll be able to further guide you on the next steps from there and once the conditions have been set, a video conference will need to be scheduled with support to review the new email designs!

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