Tips for a Successful Campaign

This article will contain tips to make the most out of your CartStack Campaign and help you increase your recoveries!

Emails and Content

The emails you send are the backbone of a successful campaign! Emails need to captivate and draw your customer back to your site, all without triggering any spam filters.

- Subject Line Review

A good subject line is going to be your site's introduction and grabber in order to get your customer to click on the email. It should be concise and not contain special characters or emojis in order to avoid spam filters. We have some subject line writing tips here!

- Promo Codes

Including promo codes in the 2nd and 3rd email sends can be a good way to entice customers back to the site. You may want to include a code for free shipping or 10% off purchase/reservation.

- A/B Testing

A/B testing is a good way to hone in on which email strategies are best for your customers. You might be surprised at which subject lines are better at grabbing your customers attention, or if a particular promo code is working to your advantage! You can see our full guide on A/B testing here!

- Email Send Times

Research shows that reaching out to a lead within the first hour has a better conversion rate, so it's important to set that first email send to less than 1 hour. The second email should be sent between 1-2 days, and the third between 3-5 days.

- Spam Mitigation

Avoiding the spam filter is crucial in your cart abandonment campaign. After your email is designed, you can use a site like Mail Tester to check your spam score. Generally, any score over 6 is what you should aim for. If you are noticing issues with your email sends through CartStack, you can also set up an SPF record on your sites DNS settings. We have additional tips for avoiding the spam filter here!

Enabling CartStack Pro Features

CartStack Pro features will be available to CartStack customers who have subscribed to a Pro plan. If you are not currently on a Pro plan, you can reach out to for information on how to upgrade.

- Browse Campaign

The Browse feature will allow CartStack to track what products your customers are looking at. If they abandon the website before hitting the checkout flow, CartStack will send an abandonment email with the products the customer was viewing. This feature will require unique product pages and a customers captured email which is why it works even more effectively with our Exit-Intent Popup feature.

- Exit-Intent Popup

Exit Intent Popups are effective at keeping customers on your site and collecting emails for marketing use. The popups are designed by us free of charge and can be set to trigger when a customer moves their mouse off of the webpage. Popups are usually used in conjunction with a coupon code or can just simply display a message to nudge the customer along to purchase.

- Screen Recordings

Screen Recordings will show users navigating your website. Enabling this feature will allow you to see common patterns in user behavior as well as troubleshoot possible issues with your checkout flow.

- Custom Domain Sends

If we're running into issues with your emails going to the spam folder, Pro users can enable our Custom Domain feature. This will allow your emails to look like they come directly from your domain rather than This set-up will require you to update the site's DKIM records.

Improvements to the Website

Improvements to your site can help with the number of emails we capture, which in turn will increase the number of email sends and conversions.

- Additional Email Entry Fields

Adding more email entry fields to your site will increase the number of addresses captured, and in turn, increase the amount of email sends/conversions. A newsletter sign-up in the header or footer is a good start along with an additional capture method offering a discount or coupon. The Exit Intent Popup feature is a good way to increase capture.

- Persistent Cart/Cookie Expiration

Extending the persistent cart/cookie expiration for your site will allow the website to remember which items a customer had in their cart. If an abandonment email is sent with the customers cart-items displayed, and the customer clicks through the email to go back to their cart, we would want those same cart-items to be displayed. If the cookie expiration is set to a short amount of time, the customer will get back to the site and the cart-items will be gone. We recommend the cookie expiration be set to at least 30 days.

- Tokenization/Cross-Device Tracking

Tokenization/Cross-Device Tracking will allow customers email and cart info to be remembered across devices. This would require the site to save customer info such as email or cart-items to a token that can be saved to a database and requested again when the user comes back to the site with any device. Tokenization would require significant set-up if not already in place. To find out if your site is capable of this, you can email your ecomm provider and ask if cart-items are saved to a database.

- Reduce Friction In Your Checkout Process

Make it as easy as possible for your customers to checkout. Here are the Top 7 Reasons for Cart Abandonment.

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