Stopping Email Sends

This article can be used to stop the abandonment campaign emails for all customers, or specific customers. If you are having any technical, design, or pricing issues, please reach out to us at

All Customers

To stop emails from generating for all customers, simply navigate to the General Site Settings page of the CartStack dashboard and toggle the Test Mode switch. You can learn more about Test Mode here!

After the site is in test mode, navigate to your Send Queue and under the Actions column on the right, click the remove button on all the emails. This will stop the email from being sent.

One Customer

To stop email sends for one customer, navigate to the Unsubscribes page of the CartStack dashboard and enter their email address. You can learn more about unsubscribing customers here!

Customers From a Specific Domain

Domain suppression is not recommended and can cause unintended results. If you want to block all emails from a specific domain, please see our article on Domain Suppression and email us at

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