Getting Started with CartStack

Welcome to CartStack! We're so happy to have you on board. If you haven't already created a free trial account, you can sign-up here.

Creating The Site:

  1. After signing up tell us a bit about what kind of business your website is. When completed we can get started with adding your website!
  2. Enter your website address, Send Name, and Send From Email. Note: The Send Name and Send From Email fields are used when sending emails to your customers.

Connect to Site:

  1. Select your platform from the drop-down list. If you don't see your platform listed, choose the Custom Website option.
  2. Your tracking code will then generate. Follow the link to your platform-specific instructions, or just include the tracking code in the global header of the site.
  3. Once the tracking code is live on the site, enter the Thank You page URL, or an example of that page URL. This is the page a customer sees when they have successfully completed a purchase. Click Verify My Integration. 

    Create First Email:

  1. While we verify and complete the integration on our end, feel free to get started on the email templates. Once your emails have been updated here, your campaign is ready to go once the integration is complete!

    Please read through our article on creating an email template and how to use our Template Library!
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