Getting Started with CartStack

Welcome to CartStack! We're so happy to have you on board. If you haven't already created a free trial account, you can sign-up here.

Creating The Site:

  1. After signing in, tell us a bit about what kind of business your website is. When completed we can get started with adding your website!
  2. Enter your website address, Send Name, and Send From Email. Note: The Send Name and Send From Email fields are used when sending emails to your customers.

Review the Settings:

  1. Visit the settings page to ensure all the information you have entered is correct and change it if you need to.
  2. Feel free to put your site in Test Mode and change the timezone while your here. If you need to change the currency displayed on your dashboard, please send a message to

Adding the CartStack Code:

  1. Head over to the Code Installation page of the dashboard. Here you can select the platform you are using and get customized directions on how to implement the Tracking Code found in red on this same page.
  2. You should also enter the URL of the confirmation or thank you page of your website. This is the page a customer sees when they have successfully completed a purchase.
  3. When these steps are complete, select 'Review My Integration'. This will send us a message so we can go in and complete your setup.

Setting Up Email Templates:

  1. On the Cart Abandonment Campaign page, you can create the emails you want to send to your customers. We have a guide on using our Basic Builder, or if you already have a template you want to use, a guide to copy over HTML.

Once the above is all done, and you have given it a test, you are ready to go live! Make sure you take the site out of Test Mode to start sending emails to customers.

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